Thursday, August 25, 2005

Theory 05 Reading Schedule:

Week One 8/22
Contemporary Architectural Theory; lectures by Professor Carpenter M/W

Week Two
Contemporary Architectural Theory; lectures by Professor Carpenter M/W
Read Frampton Chapter 1

Week Three 9/5 Labor Day Holiday 9/7 Lecture
Contemporary Architectural Theory; Summary
Read Curtis Chapter 1

Week Four
The International Style and Philip Johnson
Read Curtis Chapter 15 and The International Style
Ockman (NOTE: essay starting on) pp 137

Week Five
Organicism:Wright, Schindler, Neutra and Fay Jones
Read Curtis Chapter 5, 7;Ockman pp 31;Frampton Chapter 4

Week Six
Mies van der Rohe and the Bauhaus (Brueuer, Gropius, Albers and Itten)
Read Curtis Chapter 18,22
Ockman 163, 176;Frampton Chapter 6

Week Seven
Louis I. Kahn and Brutalism
Read Curtis Chapter 28
Ockman pp 240, 270, 27;Frampton Chapter 7

Week Eight
Alvar Aalto, Utzon and the Scandanavian School
Midterm Project due: 10/10 at 6pm
Read Curtis Chapter 25
Ockman pp 249;Frampton Chapter 8

Week Nine
Charles and Ray Eames
Read Ockman pp 260

Week Ten
Le Corbusier and the New York Five
Read Curtis Chapter 10,23,32
Ockman pp 64

Week Eleven
Carlo Scarpa
Frampton Chapter 9;Frampton Chapter 10

Week Twelve
Individual meetings: work on final projects

Week Thirteen and Fourteen
Work on Final Project

Final Project and Final Test
Test/Final project due: December 5 at 6pm


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